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For 90 years these toys have been produced at Bad Kösen. They are set apart by their highly naturalistic and expressive design, by their immediate appeal as toys, and by their top quality of material and craftsmanship employed.  Each design is based on intensive studies of the anatomy and movements of the animal depicted.  The designers draw the animals in their natural habitats, or in zoos, and create them as three-dimensional models from clay.  The animals are always presented in the typical and natural position.  Important details are lovingly executed with the faces receiving a very lifelike expression.  In order to achieve this, they use varied materials and only the best quality fake fur will be employed.  The animals are put together from up to seventy individual elements, sewn together, turned inside out, filled with high quality fibers, stitched closed, combed and brushed, embroidered and painted - all by hand exclusively at Bad Kösen.

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